FEMA Stones River Watershed FIRM Map Revision

The Stones River Watershed is located in Middle Tennessee and includes parts of Cannon, Davidson, Rutherford and Wilson Counties. The Stones River Watershed is approximately 921 square miles and drains to the Cumberland River. 

Portions of this watershed were recently restudied by FEMA but were put on a brief pause, at the federal level, during COVID-19. However, this watershed project has since resumed as of Spring 2021. This will impact flood insurance requirements and premium payments for a portion of residents in the City of Mt. Juliet as well as other communities within this watershed. Some of the deciding factors will depend on your new (proposed) flood zone and new stated base flood elevation as it relates to the elevation of your structure. Please utilize the below PDF's to view the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) of the Stones River Watershed. Additionally, a current FEMA FIRM address search link has also been provided for comparison purposes to show the current floodplain zones with proposed FEMA FIRM panels. The proposed FEMA panels will only impact the Stones River Watershed and will not impact all areas of the City of Mt. Juliet.

Note: The City of Mt. Juliet is not in charge of any final determinations of map revisions or in charge of calculating new insurance premiums. Please consult your local insurance agent or a FEMA map specialist directly for all other information.

FEMA Map Panel Index

Proposed FIRM Panels for City of Mt. Juliet

 47189C0127E  47189C0129E  47189C0133E  47189C0134E  47189C0140E  47189C0142E

 47189C0145E  47189C0161E  47189C0165E

Current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) -For Comparison Of Proposed Panels

FEMA Documentation:

Appeal Process Letter- April 21, 2021

Wilson Post Public Notice #1 -April 28, 2021